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The question of how soon someone may return to playing soccer/football came up on our YouTube Channel.  Here are some recommendations to follow.

## Recommendations

In regards to playing soccer/football, I would definitely get clearance from your Ophthalmologist especially since the head is an area that is involved in the sport of football/soccer.

Healing Time:

Remember that recovery times can vary, but typically, it may take several weeks to months for the eye to heal fully. We are all different so be patient and allow your eye to recover properly. I would dig into learning more about what you can do to support your eye health and improve the healing.  I would check out Claudia and here YouTuve Channel at for some great info.  Yesterday (October 19, 2023) she interviewed an expert in the area of DHA and its benefit to both the brain but eye health.  I continue to learn so much from her.  

Avoid Head Injuries:

High-impact sports like football or soccer carry a risk of head injuries, which can be especially concerning after eye surgery. It is crucial to protect your eyes from any form of impact, including those caused by accidental collisions or headers.  This may be easier said that done.  Again, get approval from your Ophthalmologist.

Eye Protection:

Finally, it's essential to use appropriate eye protection, such as sports goggles or a face shield that might be worn in some other sports. Your eyes need to be protected during play. Getting poked in the eye can happen so quickly.

## My Timeline

My recovery protocol was approximately 10 weeks in length.  I was required to do little for 2 months at which time I was able to resume regular activities.  For my peace of mind I extended this another two weeks.  Because 12 weeks post surgery took me to about October (mid-fall in Canada) and cycling was my thing I really didn't start pushing myself for several more months when the weather outside began improving.  I really found that I needed the peace of mind.

All the best and thanks again for the question.  ~ Steve

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