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Muddling Along


Lately when asked how we are doing, "Muddling along" has been my most honest answer. While I don't feel like we are doing 'fine', we have definitely climbed out of crisis mode. However, as the only adult member of the household able to function normally, I most often reach the end of my day feeling like I did not accomplish what I needed to - and that I didn't do any of it well. As I said, "Muddling along....

"The word from the Doctor yesterday was exactly the same as 2 weeks ago. The good news: the retina is stable and healing. Steve was able to read a few letters on the wall, and although they were BIG, it is progress! The bad news: 3 more weeks of doing NOTHING until we see him again. 

Steve says there is about a half hour every day where he thinks he is literally going to go out of his mind - he just wants to MOVE and do something 'normal' again. We are hoping his new glasses arrive tomorrow to help with the good eye.

We continue to stand amazed at how God provides and brings unexpected little blessings into our paths - just to encourage us. When we arrived at the Doctors yesterday, we ran into our Compassion Advocate rep, then someone else we knew. What a wonderful blessing for Steve to be able to visit with others on this solitary outing! Friends and neighbours have dropped in for a visit (visits welcome!), friends have picked up a few things at the store for me and a little friend (5 year old) who chose to pray for Steve before she went to bed have all encouraged and blessed us. 

And a bathroom that is finished.....(which will be my next post). We feel so loved. 

John 13:35 "All people will know that you are my followers if you love each other." - Jesus 

A Bathroom Built with Love
Finding out there is still a long way to go....

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