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Our goal is to help you answer some questions about your vitrectomy surgery from our experience and the experiences of others.
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Making progress


The last couple of days have been encouraging with some positive progress in Steve's healing. Being up for two hours with head tilted forward and then sleeping for the next hour face down (at least) is still the pattern of the day, but little by little he is gaining strength. Yesterday evening we went for a walk around the block together! It was so nice to be out in the fresh air and for Steve to move some muscles that have sat silent for far too long. Last night he tried to sleep on his left side for awhile, and while it was a nice change of position it will now take some getting used to after being face down for 10 days.

This morning Steve could see a tiny bit out of his peripheral vision! We are guessing that the gas bubble they place behind the eye is blocking the majority of his vision, which is why they tell you not to expect anything for 6-7 weeks. While it is the tiniest little bit, it was encouraging!

Steve is still finding it frustrating to try to read / use his computer as his good eye is having a hard time funcioning solo. We wonder how much the brain has to readjust when it goes from 'stereo' to 'mono' vision as it doesn't seem to be happening automatically. We return to the Doctor on Wednesday so we will add that to the list of questions!

We continue to feel so blessed as our bathroom continues its renovation, courtesy of friends and relatives (more on that in a later blog!). Another friend (thanks, Scott!) came and hooked up our new gas dryer that made it down to the basement barely 28 hours before Steve's surgery. My girls have had adventures with friends (thanks Liesl and Jo!) that I just could not provide having to be here for Steve and his hourly eye drops. We have had friends, family and clients provide meals for us (accompanied by these great'get well drawings' from their kids!) - a HUGE help when my time has been so consumed with Steve's care and the rest of daily life.

We continue to pray for patience, endurance and healing. We appreciate your love and support as we walk forward, one day (and sometimes one hour) at a time. The path still stretches ahead of us farther than what we can see, but we know that we do not walk it alone. 

Finding out there is still a long way to go....
So long, Klingon!

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