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Finding out there is still a long way to go....


 (*What's with the photo? Read to the end to find out!)

Steve and I returned to the Doctor this morning for the first time in a week. We never seem to find out much information - only what we absolutely need to know. If we press for anything further into the future, we don't receive any details. We are getting the impression that everyone's journey is a little different in this process so we are given instructions to get us through until the next appointment (in two weeks) and that is all.

  • Here is the run down on the exciting, the disappointing and the neutral:Exciting: -Steve can now sleep on his left OR right side (or face down) just not on his back.
  • He can now hold his head up straight - no more mandatory face down or 45 degrees!
  • Drops have been stretched to 2 hours between instead of an hour. That will allow me a little more freedom to be able to run errands or go out with the girls. It gets pretty boring being tied to the house!


  • Walks around the block have been banned as well as ANY other form of exercise. It 'bounces the bubble' behind his eye so he has been told he is sit, sit or sit. He can read but other than that he is just to 'take up space'. The doctor told me I should start charging him rent! :)

Neutral: - The Doctor assumes that the problem reading the laptop with his good eye comes from the fact his bad eye was likely the one doing the reading at that distance. We need to go see our eye doctor for an interim solution.

It was a good thing that we had no idea how lengthy this journey was going to be when we entered it. I am reminded daily to keep my eyes fixed on today and not tomorrow or the day or week after that. So each and every day I ask God to give me my 'daily bread' - to get us through the day ahead with love and patience. 

The photo? Our daughter turned Sweet 16 on Monday and as a rite of passage passed her G1! I can hardly believe my little girl, who really IS sweet, is now 16 years old. Guess Mom has the honour of driving beside her! Congrats, girl! 

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