Retina Recovery Blog

Our goal is to help you answer some questions about your vitrectomy surgery from our experience and the experiences of others.

My Vitrectomy Recovery Timeline

‚ÄčAs I work with renters of our vitrectomy equipment I get many questions regarding the timeline of my vitrectomy recovery from the retinal detachment.  Keep in mind that this is my experience with my surgeon.  You have to be careful not to compare yourself to others.  Each surgeon provides a slightly different protocol that is specific to you.  This recovery protocol may be different if gas is used during the surgical procedure or oil is used in its place. Additiona...
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Facing New Realities

Facing New RealitiesThis past couple of weeks have flown by in a flurry of activity for us as I am sure it has for many of you. The beginning of school is always crazy without adding in our new realities of a mom back in school and a dad still not back to full functioning! We are so thankful for Jean, who picked Steve up last Wednesday morning and took him to his latest doctor appointment, and for Laura, who graciously transported Rebekkah off to her new school when there was no one here to get ...
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A Bathroom Built with Love

When this whole detached retina journey began we were smack dab in the middle of a bathroom renovation. I don't mean a repaint - I mean a demo kind of reno. Thankfully the bathtub was in and the tiling was complete - no more showering at neighbours and friends! But there was still a LONG way to go.....T here are times when the body of Christ is a glowing example of the way the church is to work. In my mind, this was one of them. We had so many use their God-given gifts to come complete our bathr...
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Muddling Along

Lately when asked how we are doing, "Muddling along" has been my most honest answer. While I don't feel like we are doing 'fine', we have definitely climbed out of crisis mode. However, as the only adult member of the household able to function normally, I most often reach the end of my day feeling like I did not accomplish what I needed to - and that I didn't do any of it well. As I said, "Muddling along.... "The word from the Doctor yesterday was exactly the same as 2 weeks ago. The good news:...
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Finding out there is still a long way to go....

 (*What's with the photo? Read to the end to find out!) Steve and I returned to the Doctor this morning for the first time in a week. We never seem to find out much information - only what we absolutely need to know. If we press for anything further into the future, we don't receive any details. We are getting the impression that everyone's journey is a little different in this process so we are given instructions to get us through until the next appointment (in two weeks) and that is all. ...
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Making progress

The last couple of days have been encouraging with some positive progress in Steve's healing. Being up for two hours with head tilted forward and then sleeping for the next hour face down (at least) is still the pattern of the day, but little by little he is gaining strength. Yesterday evening we went for a walk around the block together! It was so nice to be out in the fresh air and for Steve to move some muscles that have sat silent for far too long. Last night he tried to sleep on his left si...
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So long, Klingon!

I have joked with Steve the last few days that he is my alien. Being face down overnight (and for most of the day) causes large amounts of swelling in both eyes as well as quite a signature bump between his eyes and the disappearance of the top of his nose. While he still has black eyes, the swelling has reduced considerably the last two days, for which we are thankful. My alien has left the building! The last 2 days have had their fair share of blessings and frustrations. We returned to the doc...
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Retina reattachment, Day 6....

It is about time this blog has been resurrected - although I wish it were under different circumstances!  Today is Day 6 after emergency surgery to have Steve's retina reattached.  Here is a quick run-down of our very own FAQ's: -What did he do?! Nothing. According to our surgeon, 'very few' detached retinas are caused by trauma. They are either hereditary, or in his words, "luck". -Why does he have to lie face down? During surgery, the surgeon removes part of the white of the eye and ...
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