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Facedown Recovery Stories

Retinal Detachment

There are themes to successfully recovering from a vitrectomy for a retinal detachment. I've not only EXPERIENCED THIS FIRSTHAND but I have watched thousands of others through this process.

Through personal stories, we are hoping you will find HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT in addition to skills to help you MAXIMIZE YOUR EYESIGHT

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Renter: L.K ~ Hamilton, Ontario

1) Why did you have vitrectomy surgery?  

  • Retinal Detachment

2) From the time of diagnosis until surgery, how long did you have to wait?

  • 2 days

3) What symptoms made you visit an eye specialist (Optometrist or Ophthalmologist?) 

  • I saw a black shadow in my eye. The same thing happened with the other eye 6 years earlier. There is no logical incident to explain why this retinal detachment happened. The only symptoms I had were some big floaters a few days before the retinal detachment. 

4) What kind of hope did your Ophthalmologist give you about your situation? 

  • Very positive - based on experience with the other eye’s recovery. 

5) How would you describe your level of anxiety (i.e. before surgery, during your facedown recovery)? Describe how you managed this.

  • Because I had prior experience with my other eye I knew more or less what to expect. During my facedown recovery, I was sometimes frustrated as I was losing my fitness and cycling opportunities during the best days of summer. Some of my family plans also had to be canceled or changed. 

6) How would you describe your eyesight (i.e. one week after surgery, one month after surgery, three months after surgery)?

  • One week after: very poor; 
  • One month later: I could see quite a bit around the bobbing bubble but my visual acuity was hazy
  • 2.5 months later: a small bubble remained but my eyesight was much better but still a bit hazy. I can now confidently drive and cycle and begin regaining my fitness level. 
  • As of this writing, I'm due for a follow-up appointment and tests later this week. I should then know more about the quality of my eyesight. 

7) Besides renting equipment, what one piece of advice would you give someone regarding the facedown recovery journey?

  • Patience 
  • Follow the Ophthalmologist guidelines
  • Use the allotted breaks to move slowly 
  • My iPad worked very well
  • Experiment with towels and pillows to get comfort and vary positions

8) What is one thing you wish you knew before your vitrectomy?

  • I would like to know what caused it in my case and what I should do to prevent a retinal detachment. 

9) Is there anything else you would be willing to share?

  • I was able to continue playing guitar in the facedown position. This helped to keep my mind positive and gave me time to compose new tunes. 

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We offer in-home personalized delivery within our delivery area.  Each in-home set-up is about 45 minutes in length as we listen to your needs and set-up the equipment for you. This is not a drop, run, good-bye.

We want to reduce your anxiety so you can focus on maximizing your recovery!

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What to Expect from Retina Recovery Inc.

More Than Just Equipment

Retina Recovery Inc. is here to help you before your vitrectomy surgery, during your facedown recovery and in the days following the critical first days of your recovery.  We not only provide facedown recovery equipment but the support you need to Maximize Your Eyesight!

What to Expect When Recovering

Our mission is to help you "Heal Right the First Time".  We work hard to Educate you through videos, blogs, emails and articles on our website.  There are clear themes to successful facedown recovery. With Several Thousand Rentals of Experience, we are continuing to learn what works best for each person.

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Encouragement, we ALL need it.  Facedown recovery can be difficult for many people.  We are here and available during your facedown recovery journey, answering questions and providing hope and encouragement so you can Heal Right the First-Time!

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