• Stephen Crewson

  • Tracy Crewson

    I’m Tracy, and I was caregiver, wife, parent, renovator, cook, landscaper and much, much more during Steve’s recovery from a detached retina. I understand what it is like to feel shocked and overwhelmed when your life suddenly upends itself and you suddenly become caregiver with less than 24 hours notice. It’s not easy. 
    Now I have the privilege of being behind the scenes doing some of the more mundane but necessary tasks that keep this business going. It brings me no greater joy than to see Steve sharing his experience and encouraging others through the challenging days of recovery from retinal surgery. Along with Steve, I wish you a successful and hope-filled recovery! 
  • Stephanie H.

    Stephanie oversees our London pickup location. 

  • John B.

    John helps us out on Mondays with pickups from our Waterdown location.  

  • Bruce M.

    Bruce M. has been a huge help in deliveries and pickups of equipment. 

  • Victoria

    Victoria disinfects all of our equipment at our Waterdown location.  She understands the needs of our renters as she fields questions on a daily basis at her full-time job in a Mississauga Optometrist office.

  • Bruce S.

    Bruce assists us with pickups and deliveries from our Hamilton Office.

  • Stephanie R.

    Stephanie is the newest member of our team.  She capably oversees our finances.