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Our goal is to help you answer some questions about your vitrectomy surgery from our experience and the experiences of others.
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My Vitrectomy Recovery Timeline


​As I work with renters of our vitrectomy equipment I get many questions regarding the timeline of my vitrectomy recovery from the retinal detachment.  Keep in mind that this is my experience with my surgeon.  You have to be careful not to compare yourself to others.  Each surgeon provides a slightly different protocol that is specific to you.  This recovery protocol may be different if gas is used during the surgical procedure or oil is used in its place. Additionally, the reason for the vitrectomy (retinal detachment vs. macular hole repair) may also factor in to your recovery timeline.

Recovery Timeline:


  • July 12 - Spot on my Eye
  • July 13 - Went to Emergency
  • July 14 - Referral to Surgeon
  • July 15 - Emergency Surgery
  • July 15 - Looked for equipment
  • July 16 - Follow-up Appointment - could not see my retina
  • July 16 - Eye Drop Prescriptions given
  • July 20 - Back for Follow-up Appointment
  • July 25 - Follow-up Appointment
  • August - Bubble dissolved.
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December - Optometrist for new glasses
  • December - Referral to Cataract Surgeon


  • January - Appointment with Cataract Surgeon - booking into April
  • February - Appointment with another Cataract Surgeon
  • November - Cataract Surgery


  • ​April 7 - Cataract Surgery in non-surgery eye.
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