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Facedown Recovery Stories

Macular Hole

The Recovery Process for a Macular Hole is different for every person and is based on the size of the retinal hole that is repaired.

We hope you will find HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT from each person's facedown recovery journey. Patience is definitely a KEY to YOUR RECOVERY. If you have any questions, please reach out.

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As I read about the facedown recoveries of our renters there is a continuing theme that is rising to the top and this having others around to encourage and distract.  It's for this reason, this renter commented that "The facedown recovery turned out to be surprisingly much easier than I expected! 

Renter: B.W. ~ Kincardine, Ontario

1) Why did you have vitrectomy surgery? (macular hole, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, other) 

Macular hole

2) From the time of diagnosis until surgery, how long did you have to wait?

About one month.

3) What symptoms were you having that made you go visit an eye specialist (Optometrist or Ophthalmologist?) 

I was literally seeing a hole in the centre of my vision in my right eye - the same eye that had had surgery a few months earlier to repair a partial retinal detachment.

4) What kind of hope did your Ophthalmologist give you about your situation? 

He said that my vision would not be perfect, but certainly better than it was at that time; and he was right. He also said to be patient, as healing could take up to 6 months. I'm just 2 months post-surgery now.

5) How would you describe your level of anxiety (i.e. before surgery, during your facedown recovery)?

Please describe how you managed this. The first surgery, for retinal detachment, was an emergency so I didn't really have time to worry. But the second time, when I had the retinal hole and would need 5 days of facedown recovery, I couldn't even imagine how I would get through it. I'm an active senior living on my own, but thankfully I have a few good friends, neighbours, and a supportive church family. I was praying, and I knew people were praying for me, and that really helped. The facedown recovery turned out to be surprisingly much easier than I expected! The rented facedown recovery bed became a very comfortable place to sleep, after I got my pillows and blankets adjusted right.

6) How would you describe your eyesight (i.e. one week after surgery, one month after surgery, three months after surgery)?

The doctor inserted a gas bubble in my eye to act as a splint, to hold the repaired retina in place - so at first I could not see with the operated eye for a few weeks. But as the bubble was gradually absorbed, my vision grew better and I grew more hopeful. In fact, today (after 2 months) is my first day with the bubble totally gone, and my vision is pretty good - although a bit wavy in the centre. I'm very thankful to be able to drive, read, play the piano, and maintain my independence.

7) Besides renting equipment, what one piece of advice would you give someone regarding the facedown recovery journey?

Don't panic, and don't be afraid! It may seem impossible to go through this, but you will get used to it and find many creative ways to cope. Also, it's okay to do some research, but don't go overboard or it will just increase your anxiety. [Sorry, that's more than one piece of advice!]

8) What is one thing you wish you knew before your vitrectomy?

That there is always hope. Vision can be restored.

9) Is there anything else you would be willing to share?

I can't say enough about the kind and caring surgeon who treated my eyes - yes, he performed surgery on both of my eyes over the past few months, but only the latest required facedown recovery. I believe that God used the surgeon's skill and expertise to save my eyesight and heal my eyes. By the way, my local optometrist said that my retina problems were probably triggered by having had cataract surgery the year before, and by having been severely myopic (near-sighted) all my life. Then the vitreous gel tends to shrink with age, which can cause the retina to tear or pull away from the back of the eye. She reassured me that nobody did anything wrong. Altogether, in about 5 months I've had 5 procedures done - 2 on the left eye and 3 on the right! I'd say my biggest problem now is with a huge floater in my left eye, after laser surgery. But the right eye has no floaters because there is no longer any vitreous gel - that's what the surgeon told me!


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Retina Recovery Inc. is here to help you before your vitrectomy surgery, during your facedown recovery and in the days following the critical first days of your recovery.  We not only provide facedown recovery equipment but the support you need to Maximize Your Eyesight!

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Our mission is to help you "Heal Right the First Time".  We work hard to Educate you through videos, blogs, emails and articles on our website.  There are clear themes to successful facedown recovery. With Several Thousand Rentals of Experience, we are continuing to learn what works best for each person.

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Encouragement, we ALL need it.  Facedown recovery can be difficult for many people.  We are here and available during your facedown recovery journey, answering questions and providing hope and encouragement so you can Heal Right the First-Time!

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