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Facedown Recovery Stories

Macular Hole

The Recovery Process for a Macular Hole is different for every person and is based on the size of the retinal hole that is repaired.

We hope you will find HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT from each person's facedown recovery journey. Patience is definitely a KEY to YOUR RECOVERY. If you have any questions, please reach out.

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I often remind our renters that this is as much a mental exercise as it is physical one.  Character building is definitely something you walk right into especially when you are used to being active.  This renter reminds us that your facedown recovery requires patience, patience and more patience.  Press on!  It's worth it!

Renter: S.F. ~ Brantford, Ontario

1) Why did you have vitrectomy surgery? (macular hole, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, other) 

I had vitrectomy surgery because of a macular hole.

2) From the time of diagnosis until surgery, how long did you have to wait?

I noticed that I could not see out of my left eye.  It was presenting like a circle of cloudiness around April 2022.

3) What symptoms were you having that made you go visit an eye specialist (Optometrist or Ophthalmologist?) 

After seeing my optometrist and being sent to an eye specialist who did not do this kind of surgery and than he referred me to Hamilton Eye Institute,  I waited about two weeks and than was given an appointment to see the surgeon.  I could have had the surgery within the week but I put it off because I was feeling very anxious and overwhelmed.  I finally went ahead with surgery in January 2023.

4) What kind of hope did your Ophthalmologist give you about your situation? 

The surgeon at first visit told me the success rate of hole closing was 80 to 90 percent.  After waiting this percentage could be lower.  He also advised me of the risks of the surgery.  This is standard they have to advise you.

5) How would you describe your level of anxiety (i.e. before surgery, during your facedown recovery)?

My level of anxiety before surgery was extremly high not knowing really what to expect.  During facedown I was concerned about my acid reflux and how I could cope.  But I ended up not having any problem with the acid reflux.  Coping through all this helped with all the information Steve from Retina Recovery sent me and prepping before surgery with meals and help from family.

6) How would you describe your eyesight (i.e. one week after surgery, one month after surgery, three months after surgery)?

After my first week visit all was progressing normal.  After my 3rd week followup I was told my hole closed and I no longer had the gas bubble.  I can see better than before surgery but still not with complete vision.  I am told it can take take up to 1 or 2 years.  I was also told that I will develop a cataract in the eye and will have to get it removed.

7) Besides renting equipment, what one piece of advice would you give someone regarding the facedown recovery journey?

My advice for facedown recovery would be Patience, patience, and more patience.  When u feel you no longer do it, tell yourself..yes you can..its only for 7 days and every day that goes by celebrate it.

Other Comments:

I would like to thank Steve from Retina Recovery for the rental equipment.  I encourage anyone having this surgery to rent the equipment. 

Steve's wealth of knowledge with all the questions I had especially the first week after surgery along with the information he sent me really helped.

When you have your followup appointments with the surgeon have all your questions written down.  This helps.

Again thank you Steve for your knowledge and caring.

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We want to reduce your anxiety so you can focus on maximizing your recovery!

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Retina Recovery Inc. is here to help you before your vitrectomy surgery, during your facedown recovery and in the days following the critical first days of your recovery.  We not only provide facedown recovery equipment but the support you need to Maximize Your Eyesight!

What to Expect When Recovering

Our mission is to help you "Heal Right the First Time".  We work hard to Educate you through videos, blogs, emails and articles on our website.  There are clear themes to successful facedown recovery. With Several Thousand Rentals of Experience, we are continuing to learn what works best for each person.

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Encouragement, we ALL need it.  Facedown recovery can be difficult for many people.  We are here and available during your facedown recovery journey, answering questions and providing hope and encouragement so you can Heal Right the First-Time!

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