Facedown Recovery Bed Rental


A Premium facedown recovery bed is the most important piece of equipment you will need while recovering from your vitrectomy surgery.  You will need to be face down at all times, waking and sleeping.  Sleep is the most important element of your recovery, and it will be almost impossible without the right equipment allowing you to rest comfortably while face down.

When your head is held upright, the gas bubble inserted in your eye will move to the top of the eye, leaving the retinal tear or detachment exposed to pulling and irritation from the eye fluids and will prevent your healing.  Renting a facedown recovery bed is a necessary and vital piece of equipment for the recovery of your eyesight.

*** NOTE: We have made a change from what is presented in the video.  We have removed the arm rest and replaced it with resources in your home, things like a 12-14" high coffee table, foot stool, upside down laundry basket or potentially a cooler. This system is much more stable and provides support for getting up, the ability to put your most needed items close at hand (i.e. kleenex box, facedown mirror, etc.)

Included in your rental:

  • Each bed is disinfected on return.
  • 31" wide PREMIUM Facedown Recovery Bed with 3" of memory foam.
  • Each recovery bed comes with an adjustable face rest. If your retinal surgeon indicates that he wants you to literally "stand on your head", the adjustable face support will accomodate this requirement for your recovery.
  • A face pillow that easily accomodates your protective eye shield.
  • We provide a fitted sheet for each Facedown Recovery Bed rental.
  • A leg bolster to keep your feet from being in the 'ballet' position throughout your recovery.
  • Included with the Facedown Recovery Bed Rental: Facedown Mirror - Value $80 
7 Days
* $225
10 Days
14 Days

* 10% Discount on 7 Day Rental when bundled with a Facedown Recovery Chair

Add-On Options:

  • NOTE: If you are renting a facedown recovery bed only, you may consider also renting a Facedown Recovery Chair in order to change up your position. Almost everyone who rents two pieces of equipment comments that they could not recover properly without them.


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