Facedown Recovery: Our Experience with a Detached Retina

vitrectomy recovery hamilton ontarioWe’ve been there.  We know how uncertain, scary and overwhelming vitrectomy surgery can be. 

We were right in the middle of a bathroom renovation when Steve thought the black spot in his eye was from a splash back that jumped his safety goggles and lodged in his eye while rinsing a bucket.  After a trip to the ER where the doctor could not find anything, he was referred to an ophthalmologist.  Fifteen hours later he was in surgery to repair a detached retina.

At the time we knew nothing about retina surgery at all – nor about the need to recover facedown.  When leaving recovery, the nurse warned us again and again the importance of staying facedown.  She told us to go home and rent the necessary equipment to help with the facedown recovery.  After much searching and calling the only option was a chair - 1.5 hrs drive from our home. 

While our story worked out in the end with a friend tracking down what we needed, we knew that there was a need for rental equipment for vitrectomy surgery.  We have spoken to others whose recovery was sleepless and uncomfortable because they did not have the proper equipment, or who had surgery a second time because they failed to maintain the position the first time.  Retina Recovery Inc. was born out of our experience and we are pleased to provide what you need to help you heal!