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Our goal is to help you answer some questions about your vitrectomy surgery and facedown recovery from our experience and the experiences of hundreds of others.
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6 Steps to Successful Eye Surgery (Facedown) Recovery


As a provider of rental equipment for vitrectomy recovery throughout Ontario, we are excited to be part of your eye surgery recovery.  With a growing number of rentals, we see time and time again a pattern in the steps renter's take in achieving successful surgery results despite a potential gloomy outlook.  I want to suggest that successful vitrectomy recovery requires the following: 

  • Attitude – You can do this! Although this will feel long at times, it is well worth it. I know from experience.

  • Proper Position – This includes limiting any movement. I was told no exercise.  For me exercise meant running and cycling.  To my surgeon it also meant walking around the block.  I continued this for the 10 weeks I was instructed to.  I in no way wanted to look back 2 or 3 months later regretting that I had done something I should not have to jeopardize my recovery.  Many people will rent two pieces of vitrectomy recovery equipment (Vitrectomy Table and the Vitrectomy Chair) in order to provide a change of position. Knowing that when they are resting on the equipment provides ensures they are doing what they should be doing to achieve recovery success.

  • Pillows – It may take you a couple of days of rotating pillows to find the sweet spot.  Remember, what works for 2 or 3 hours may not work for the 3rd hour.  Keep moving the pillows around in order to change potential pressure points.

  • Patience - This is a slow recovery. I expected to see the day after surgery. In my case I may have been over a week before beginning to see some light or fingers.  I have had renter's unable to see much of anything after the 10 days and yet two months later when I saw them there was a big smile on their face.  Their sight was restored.

  • Perseverance – Recovery is a true character builder. Your sight is worth it.  Take it one day at a time.  I was reminded that everyday in the 10 day facedown or head down position is 10% of your recovery.

  • Strategy for Utilizing Your Time – I have provided some ideas in the link below.


Ideas for Keeping 'Busy' During Facedown Recovery - Retina Recovery Blog | Vitrectomy | Hamilton, Ontario

I've created a list of online resources that will help you keep busy or pass the time while face down.  The list includes FREE 30 Day trials, podcasts, audio books and more.

All the best in your recovery.  

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Ideas for Keeping 'Busy' During Facedown Recovery