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Vitrectomy Recovery

“Do it right the first time!”

This was the advice given us as we left the hospital after vitrectomy surgery.  Little did we know how long and how uncomfortable the process was going to be. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

With equipment from Retina Recovery, your recovery success improves and at the same time you will be much more comfortable – and it will make your recovery feel shorter and more manageable.

Whether you have had surgery for a detached retina or a macular hole, our equipment will help you comfortably maintain the proper head position you need to heal right the first time.  Because regaining your sight is worth it.

Positioning is KEY 
in Your Vitrectomy Recovery

As a provider of rental equipment for vitrectomy recovery throughout Ontario, we are excited to be part of your eye surgery recovery.  With a growing number of rentals, we see time and time again a pattern in the steps renter's take in achieving...
Maintaining the facedown position is ONE of the many KEYS to your vitrectomy recovery. What you can or cannot do is up to you and your opthmalogist. We highly encourage you NOT to deviate from their instructions. They know best!  We continue to ...
I've created a list of online resources that will help you keep busy or pass the time while face down.  The list includes FREE 30 Day trials, podcasts, audio books and more....
I found during my recovery that minutes after Tracy and I left the surgeon's office a surge of additional questions would flood our minds.  In order to aid you in your recovery and to help you avoid the "I wish I had asked _______ - moment", we ...

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